I Smile Back :)


To everyone who says misery is beautiful : Fuck you. You don’t know what it’s like to be constantly suicidal or depressed. You didn’t weep yourself to sleep every night and tussle for hours every morning to get out of bed. You didn’t spend hours glaring into space because you felt hollow from inside, because you don’t feel emotions anymore. You didn’t have random fits of frustration for even the tiniest, inconsequential things. 😦 You didn’t look into the mirror and observe yourself turning into a stranger with every passing moment. So don’t you dare walk in with that patronizing stride, look at someone in agony and smirk and say “it’s just a phase” as consolation because it’s not and you won’t know, because you’re too shallow to understand. It’s not your fault of course, you just don’t know what it’s like to feel in extremes, to soar one day and…

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Why Pokemon Go is a hit combination of Gamification + Geoinformatics!

What is Pokemon Go?

It is a huge multiplayer online GPS-dependent game app developed by Niantic that engages people to search areas to find Pokemon in the real world with the use of augmented reality (AR). It uses GPS coordinate to mark the location of various Pokemon within real-life views captured by the phones’ cameras. To play with this, we have to be physically near targets on the map to interact with them. Pokemon Go is already on pace to surpass Twitter in daily active users. But the app needs lots of permissions – location data, camera and more and that is where it open the gate to collect user enormous data. It’s done to make mass geolocation and its metadata collection fun from the primary market (18-30 who grew up with Pokemon) who will install it with a sense of nostalgia and then to engage them through Gamification principle.

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Europe Diaries – Road to Prague and Berlin


Prague is a museum itself, so as described in my previous blog we chose Prague to spend our second weekend. As it was an extended weekend (3 Days) so thought while coming back to go Berlin, Germany capital.

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Personal Website Stats For 1 Year

It has been one year since I made my personal website and getting more than 6000 views all over the world is pretty interesting. After seeing from which social networks user try to open my website and how they are interacting with the site, I made many changes. So please check out the site. Your views will be appreciated 🙂 http://www.ayushaggarwal.in/

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