Career Opportunities in Geoinformatics in India

Nowadays Government wants to make cities smart in the path of Modi. But do you know how much Geo-spatial technology will contribute to making your smart city? Every area ranging from urban administration and unmanned aerial vehicle technology to missile, e-governance and even advertising and marketing today depend on Geo-spatial data. Most of the countries in the world have started specializing in Geographical Information System (GIS) after understanding its future impact. It is a key emerging and evolving industry in the 21st century that offers an excellent career avenue with immense potential and many as-yet undiscovered opportunities like in spatial data visualization, spatial Intelligence, augmented reality in Geo-space and conservation of the earth data.


Accelerated growth and development prospects in India encouraged several industries and businesses to use Geo knowledge in India in the form of location data, GIS, remote sensing or GPS in different sectors like crime mapping, agriculture, irrigation, forestry, transportation, infrastructure, tourist industry, market analysis, real estate and e-commerce and so on.

The increased use of this technology in different industries has improved the scope of job opportunities in this sector, but most companies only concentrate on GIS part and leaving other core knowledge of Geo-spatial which can also be used. On the personal note as I want to explore different branches of this so want to choose my career with the company which explore many of them.

Different government organization which gives work in this sector in India are

  1. Indian Space Research Organization
  2. Survey of India
  3. Ministry of Defense
  4. Ministry of Environment
  5. National Informatics Centre
  6. Indian Agricultural Research Institute
  7. Meteorological Department
  8. Natural Resource Management
  9. Space Application Centers and Aviation
  10. Urban Development Authorities and Municipalities

Different Private companies which give work in it are –

Big giants

  1. Google Map
  2. Here
  3. TomTom

Indian Private companies –

  1. Transerve Technologies [Associated with them]
  2. Others here –

With the advent of new and advanced technology, the importance of Geo-spatial science is going to amplify with requirement of specialization in it specially in India.

Lastly to see its magic in great manner, check out on my website –

If you have any queries let me know 🙂


159 thoughts on “Career Opportunities in Geoinformatics in India

  1. Hiii I have done BSC in geography..n now wanna go for msc from IIRS it a good institute..n what are d job opportunities in govt sector. How to apply for job in govt sectors

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  2. Hello Sir, I am pursuing M.Sc in Geography. Can you please suggest me the career options for GIS??And how can I apply for the GIS courses?! please help..!

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    • Hi Ankita for GIS as career you need to know some softwares and programming skills. You can start learning QGIS and python for it. You can do GIS courses online and you can do master also in GIS. Sorry for late reply if you need to discuss more about it fast contact me on whatsapp – +919005908019 or here Hope you have a good career


  3. Hello sir,i have done BE in computer science and i have interest in this field.So i am planning for further studies and at present my available option for Mtech in this field is in NIT Allahabad.. should i proceed for it sir??
    What all knowledge should i have for having a good hold of this field??

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  4. Hi sir. I have completed B. E in E and C. I m planning to do MSC in Geoinformatics. Is it good to do?? What are the career opportunities in govt sector??


  5. Hi bro I’m a first-year student in b.e Geo informatics engineer
    And I’m also interested in AI and big data .
    What are the mistakes I should not do while persuing this Geo informatics degree
    What are ur thoughts on building a proper career in this field


  6. Sir… I m a student of msc geoinformatics 3rd sem in barkatullah university in bhopal Madhya Pradesh. Suggest me what can I do after this n which place I should do my project work in 4th sem?

    Sir please suggest me


  7. Sir…I have completed in Physics and also PG diploma in RFID & integration with automation system. Now i am planning to do M.Sc in geoinformatics , so is it good and beneficial for me to do?what are the job opportunities in govt and private sector?


    • Ya you can do that. What other choice you have beside it. Regarding job opportunities in govt and private sector you have to make your theory understanding of the subject and programming skills strong


  8. sir let me know which degree course i want to opt after plus two for doing this gis and rs.actually i elected geospatial technology as a combination paper in my plus two level by knowing these technologies i am very excited to know more about that.will you please give me a reply .

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  9. Sir I am diploma student how I am make my career in Remote Sensing , Geoinformatics.
    Sir please tell me because my desire to work for ISRO.


  10. hi Ayush
    i am second year student of [planning ] in JNAFAU Hyderabad and my dream is to become geo scientist …plz suggest best institutions in india and abroad to do masters and ph.d in GIS/RS and i am planning to clear GRE in next 6 months afterthat next 1 year preparing for GATE-AR paper (ielts also). and which software skills are needed to achieve my dream ? plz guide me so that i can plan and prepare well.

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    • Hi Adithya.. it’s great you have interest in this field. Best institute is to do master or PhD in ITC Netherland…Best software is to learn ARCGIS and learn python programming too… let’s chat here for further discussion.. WhatsApp +919005908019


    • Hi learn python programming and ArcGIS Software so a to be good in this field. You can for ITC Netherland for master study. Please contact me here for further discussion +919005908019 Whatsapp


  11. Hi Ayush,

    Greetings from Estonia.
    I see that you are experienced in Geoinformatics.
    How is Geoinformatics applicable in construction?
    I’m currently hold a degree in Architectural Technology and Construction Management. I have done my research and I read that Lidar lasers are being used to scan marine terrains and scan through building walls, automatically creating 3D model of them.
    Would you need a programming skillset for better understanding of Geoinformatics field?

    Waiting for your reply


    • Lidar and remote sensing are the subjects in Geoinformatics which help in construction. You can study that subjects in your study
      But you have to learn software like ARCGIS and programming like python so as to a analyse data coming from lidar for construction. At last all these skills will help you in construction management


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