Why Pokemon Go is a hit combination of Gamification + Geoinformatics!

What is Pokemon Go?

It is a huge multiplayer online GPS-dependent game app developed by Niantic that engages people to search areas to find Pokemon in the real world with the use of augmented reality (AR). It uses GPS coordinate to mark the location of various Pokemon within real-life views captured by the phones’ cameras. To play with this, we have to be physically near targets on the map to interact with them. Pokemon Go is already on pace to surpass Twitter in daily active users. But the app needs lots of permissions – location data, camera and more and that is where it open the gate to collect user enormous data. It’s done to make mass geolocation and its metadata collection fun from the primary market (18-30 who grew up with Pokemon) who will install it with a sense of nostalgia and then to engage them through Gamification principle.

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Install and Run Spotify from Google Play in India [No VPN, No Root , No APK]

I love music that is why I need to have original updated Spotify on my One plus One android Phone. But like others, I can not get it in my google play store in India. I tried various option available online like download APK, use VPN or crack version which were insecure. Moreover after some time it was outdated due to update in the Spotify Application in google play. I could not download APK again and again which is frustrating.


At last I got an Idea and tried to apply as follows –

  1. Asked my US or Canada friend to make a google account for me from his city with his address (Pin code) and Phone number.
  2. Asked username and password then signed in to google account through it in my android phone
  3. Open play store and switched google account there with the new one.
  4. Now I can see all android apps are in the dollar and not Rupee.
  5. After that downloaded the application through this account.

Edit – But you will need VPN for first time Login as Spotify has updated its application like that.

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