Geospatial Industries in 21st Century

In this blog, I will describe the work of various Spatial Industries in the 21st century, which have the idea to harness the power of Spatially data for map entire world around us. If you want to know what that power is then read my previous article.

The Spatial Industries before 21st century has been a  niche one but things are certainly changing after Google’s entry in the mapping industry back in 2005 with Google Maps which was an indication of the power of spatial use. Also according to the US Department of Labor, Geospatial technologies, along with Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, are three most important high-growth industries for the 21st century.

Be it Self-driving cars or UAVs or Wearables or Virtual Reality or Citizen Sensors that were showcased as the powerful 21st century products after computer and mobile, they all have a spatial connection enabling the next generation of informatics. That means maps, which are the representation of spatial connection, are essential for almost any kind of hardware today.

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Power of Spatially-enabled big data

What is a Map ?

Map is not just a piece of paper. It is a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of space – it can be you,me or distant star on the space map.

As we know our Universe is big, so is the data. That is why  Spatially-enabled big data on a map has the power to allow you to answer questions and ask new ones like ‘ Where are disease outbreaks occurring?’, ‘Where is insurance risk greatest given recently updated population shifts’ ? and much more.

As map is link to various sector of society like defence, spread of disease, wildlife conservation, disaster alerts, economics etc. So now come the responsibility to use the map fully with big data.

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Passion For The Map – exploring the world

Naruto fan 😀 Map Lover 🙂 Web Designer 🙂 Smart 😛 Fun 😀 Day Dreamer 🙂 natural 🙂 Music Lover:-* Internet junkie :D…..

Accidental Civil Engineer from IIT Kanpur, I am just an ordinary person from the 7.603 billion of this world. Mostly I asked myself why I chose a career in mapping & then I realize I am here looking for new challenges & opportunities to deliver innovative solutions for it.

I like anything & everything that is uncommon. I am a voracious reader & love science. I would love to know what a person is made up of, what lies in their inner psyche, the dark secrets & deep scars that they hold, suppressed inside their minds. Anyway, so I have this website of mine in which I give myself to keep me motivated.

I have more than two years of professional experience in applying remote sensing and GIS datasets to different areas of the application by open source web development. I have skilled at handling hyperspectral and LiDAR datasets and also has experience in handling and using remote sensing instruments in the field. I have a wide technical skill set including Image processing, Web design, Photoshop, Coreldraw and my favorite Gamification. Through work experience in Transerve technology, I have gained understanding of local government & how much GIS plays a role.

Thus, my research is focused on computer support for geospatial technology, thus exploring the tensions between it and government services. I am interested in the application of open source software and design patterns as a means of user engaging applications. Hence, I am looking for a dynamic and stimulating research to test and exercise my skills in real-time and gain valuable experience for the future.

Thus, I am the one who is interested in data analysis, spatial analysis, maps, GIS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GPS and also in city planning, natural resource/disaster management, market research, or logistics.

By this I want to experience the implementing and fusing of technical and human sensors, social media analysis, user-generated Big Spatial Data Processing, GIS research (environment, health, mobility), open-source and standardized web service.

Besides that I loved traveling so as to explore more beauty in the world. As someone high in openness, I have a strong appreciation for beauty, both in art and nature.

I have easily been absorbed in music and art, as well as natural phenomena as emotional insight; that is, I probably have good access to and awareness of my own emotions. I love all types of music which energizes me mostly Bollywood loves songs 🙂

I take things as they come and enjoy having a good time. I think myself as lively, fun to be with, and good-humored. You can check out my website at to know more :).

       Smile for Ever.…………...