Europe Diaries – Road to Prague and Berlin


Prague is a museum itself, so as described in my previous blog we chose Prague to spend our second weekend. As it was an extended weekend (3 Days) so thought while coming back to go Berlin, Germany capital.

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Personal Website Stats For 1 Year

It has been one year since I made my personal website and getting more than 6000 views all over the world is pretty interesting. After seeing from which social networks user try to open my website and how they are interacting with the site, I made many changes. So please check out the site. Your views will be appreciated 🙂

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Europe Diaries – I love Amsterdam

As described in my previous blog, we all were ready to go for our first trip outside Germany. We were busy looking up things, making notes of what we could do or see. So the things which were required for the small weekend trip are shown below –


Things to take in Weekend trip

Things to take in Weekend trip

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Europe Diaries – Starting of Unforgettable Memories

In this series, I will describe my journey around Europe while pursuing my internship at Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany. After my Intern in Goa, I always wanted to experience the life outside India and mostly in a developed country. For getting this Internship, I had to mail various institutes related to my specialization – Geo-Informatics. I got this great opportunity when I was selected for the research internship in Institute of Cartography and Geo-informatics.

So now I had to arrange for my accommodation. By checking various websites and resources I came to know other few Indian students going to the same university, so we finalized the accommodation with a German landlord lady.

Now came the hard time as we had to pack our bags and also consider things that would help us if we know about them in advance. Firstly, I came to know that only 2-pin plugs can fit the power sockets in Germany so we had to buy the travel adapter. Secondly, I had to download various phone apps which would be useful there which I will describe in my new blog later. Lastly, as Hanover has shower so had to buy the umbrella too. With that basic things were all packed to leave for the airport on 10 May 2015. My flight was at 4:00 AM.

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Goa Trip | My journey as Intern – Last Part

In my last blog, I told you we went out in search of her house. We searched but did not find out. As we didn’t want to waste the day so we started to explore the city. Firstly we took a lift from an old man. He was very generous like everyone in Goa.  He dropped us at Mobor beach. There we walked 3 Km till the end of the beach. Then we crossed the lake near it with the help of a fisherman. Later we came across a very beautiful scenery and church and then again took a lift to reach our home. Yaa we stopped again for her but found nothing.


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