Amazing Android Daily Use Apps for Multitasking

Nowadays, we come across various Android apps with various applications, so we have aย large pool to select from. Personally, I feel these apps are useful for our daily and multitasking use.

1. ย Hide it Proย  (Rating – 4.4)

Hide it pro

Hide it pro

It hides pictures, videos, applications, messages, call on your phone with encryption so that basic apps like Gallery etc. will not find them. But these things are not in cloud type of thing, but it is in your external SD card in encrypted form. So there is no privacy risk as it will not store in the cloud. Moreover, it is disguised asย “Audio Manager” in the App Drawer. It also had inbuilt gallery which categorize media into folders of our choiceย so that we did not have to unhides it to view. Other features include Private Browsing and Locking Apps.

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