Personal Website Stats For 1 Year

It has been one year since I made my personal website and getting more than 6000 views all over the world is pretty interesting. After seeing from which social networks user try to open my website and how they are interacting with the site, I made many changes. So please check out the site. Your views will be appreciated ūüôā

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Europe Diaries – Starting of Unforgettable Memories

In this series, I will describe my journey around Europe while pursuing my internship at Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany. After my Intern in Goa, I always wanted to experience the life outside India and mostly in a developed country. For getting this Internship, I had to mail various institutes related to my specialization РGeo-Informatics. I got this great opportunity when I was selected for the research internship in Institute of Cartography and Geo-informatics.

So now I had to arrange for my accommodation. By checking various websites and resources I came to know other few Indian students going to the same university, so we finalized the accommodation with a German landlord lady.

Now came the hard time as we had to pack our bags and also consider things that would help us if we know about them in advance. Firstly, I came to know that only 2-pin plugs can fit the power sockets in Germany so we had to buy the travel adapter. Secondly, I had to download various phone apps which would be useful there which I will describe in my new blog later. Lastly, as Hanover has shower so had to buy the umbrella too. With that basic things were all packed to leave for the airport on 10 May 2015. My flight was at 4:00 AM.

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Goa Trip | My journey as Intern ‚Äď Part 2

In last blog, I said that we¬†got something to enjoy in company besides work . So here is what was¬†happened next. As¬†my friend is so-called ‘dude’ type so he was going to ask her for a date but problem was we do not want this to¬†affect our company as now we are also part of it :). As he want to know more about her so first of all we¬†searched her on FB¬†and met other people in CIBA from whom we came up with our first plan. It was that she knows Goa Local language best, so he asked her to taught her that and you will not believe she said¬†Yes. Then eyes met, smile passed and then came a day when my bro was sitting with her in bus and¬†talking about various thing like where she live :D. It was his plan only, he wanted to know her home address so he went from¬†same bus from which she was used to go to¬†home. As he was scared so he didn’t accompany her till her stop.

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