Europe Diaries – Road to Prague and Berlin


Prague is a museum itself, so as described in my previous blog we chose Prague to spend our second weekend. As it was an extended weekend (3 Days) so thought while coming back to go Berlin, Germany capital.

Prague is a destination that I always wanted to go as it is gorgeous, the well-preserved medieval city with a rich history and Vegas-style nightlife. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time. While going, we came across wide roads, natural beauty and also huge wind turbine which is common in the developed nation like we see while going Amsterdam.

Day 1: Arriving in Prague

As shown in the pic this is our journey map for day one.

1st day Prague

First of all, the whole city of Prague is a museum and that makes it special. We reached in the evening at Prague Central Bus Station and as it is near the places we wanted to visit on day 1, so we took a walking tour of Powder tower to Charles bridge and could see beautiful structures come in between. We followed the narrow roads and step into the fairy tale charm of Old Town Square. Powder tower was used for gunpowder storage, there we have to take the stairs to the top where we had a great view. There were many talented people that perform in the square. Watched the most beautiful artistry Astronomical Clock which is very famous in Prague as give great hourly chime.  After that, we went to the most iconic bridge – Charles Bridge because it was the only way to cross the river from the Prague Castle to the Old Town. There are statues that line the North and South sides. I was impressed by its pristine beauty.

Here the food is more international. So after that, we ate Pizza as our dinner and ready to go to our host as we were using Couch surfing for that night.  It is a hospitality exchange website to “surf” on couches by staying as a guest at a host’s home. We bought one day pass and traveled in tram and bus to reach his house.

To Host

To Host

We had a warm welcome with delicious food and great stories about his traveling and Prague. We met different people from different countries there as many came there like us for backpacking.

Day 2:The Essential Sights

Early in the morning, we were ready for our second day. We had breakfast and guided by our host how to spend the second day by visiting essential sights. He is the most amazing host and obviously an amazing person !! Thanks for everything Todd. Then we left thanks note for our Host 🙂


Second Day Trip

We took the tram and visited Vyšehrad, it gives the great views of the Vltava River and the city. It is like another castle in Town. It has grassy grounds full of locals having picnics with family and friends. It has a beautiful basilica and a historic cemetery (graves of famous Czechs).

Then we walked up the Vltava river to the Prague castle. There is walking and bikes paths as well as places for shopping near the river. We passed Prague’s Dancing House, a piece of modern architecture which is a short 20-minute walk from Vyšehrad. It is worth spot to visit so spend some time here to marvel at the imagination and creativity of the architect. We walked and watched the people go by and happily lost in the beauty of the city. Other things come in between are National Theatre having the great show, Střelecký Ostrov park, The Memorial to the Victims of Communism which is beautiful structured

As Castle is at hill-top so we had to do climbing. But the park and scene not made us tired as they are best parks and green spaces in the city. We came to see the Petřín Watchtower also known as the “mini Eiffel Tour” at the top of Petřín Park which offers a stunning view of Prague, Štefánik Observatory, picturesque street to castle where we bought famous Prague Chocolate shop and Starbucks which is definitely one of the best views worldwide as at top of hill near castle.


There is a lot of in Castle to treat the eye stunning castle and its surrounding guarded by soldiers. Beautiful architecture and fantastic views with a lovely romantic walk back down called as The Golden Lane is the portion which I missed a lot.

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After that, we ended the trip of Prague. We went to Černý Most Tram station to catch our BlaBlaCar for Berlin. We reached Berlin in the night. It was first-time car pooling experience and also 190km/h wahoo :D. Pretty new for Indian 😛


Day 3 : The Berlin

We did not have any host or stay so as to save money thus we spend today’s night in McDonald at Berlin Hauptbahnhof like our first trip to Amsterdam.  At night nearly 3 am we had a police encounter as someone hungry non-English speaking person came and sit beside us and ate our McDonald burger and did not want to go or to talk hahaha :D. We shocked and complaint to McDonald service person. They called the police but we did not register the complaint as it would be the problem for him.

Our Travel Map1

Early in the morning we started our trip and first covered the famous places near Hauptbahnhof. Berlin is Germany’s capital and largest city. It has worst recent histories. There’s a constant sense of motion here of the students and artist with a young heart near Capital Beach. I loved it and I strongly urge you to have a morning walk here to Berlin Wall Memorial. We came across Brandenberg Gate in Pariser Platz which is a square in the center of Berlin which was the center part of the city when the city was divided in two by Berlin wall.

After that, we moved forward and it was a stroll through history, past, and present which helps you understand the scale of the destruction and how fast Berlin rebuilt the area. We saw Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Gendarmenmarkt and Berlin Cathedral biggest church in Berlin showing with artifacts dating back thousands of years. We came across street art, famous East Side Gallery and the open-air sculpture garden which is full of creative visualization.

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We saw Alexanderplatz having famous Restaurant Sphere which will make one turn about its own axis and TV tower which is the tallest building in the city from Berliner Dom and Lustgarten having lovely views from far.

we ate after we reached Berlin Wall memorial which is a well-done museum and an open-air memorial on the site of the former Berlin Wall. It introduced us to a new and cruel reality of Germany. Little of the Berlin Wall remains today, most of it have been demolished.

After that we head to the huge Tiergarten park which has 600 acres of lawns, paths and lakes having large Victory Tower (The gold statue) we almost got lost but it’s quiet and beautiful. Then we headed for our second palace in a weekend Schloss Charlottenburg  but it was a disappointment as not worth the ticket, so we did not waste time and ready for our last place to see which was Olympiastadion as it is a worth popping down here on a non-match day. The most beautiful soccer stadium I’ve seen! The place has a lot of stories to tell and is wonderful to watch how huge it is. After that, we went back to Hannover in bus from Berlin ZOB.


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Thus, it ends our second weekend in Europe. By this trip, we learned a lot of things regarding traveling and how to appreciate our history, past and present. As next week would be a good atmosphere so we planned to go Paris, which I will tell in my next blog which is also unique in another sense as I was trying to make my each country visit bit different in terms of traveling, stay, food, people and more. If you want to see more pics or want to know more about my trip then just ping me 🙂

Thus, as told this is how Prague and Berlin make my second week different in Europe –

  1. Couchsurfing and traveling in Bla Bla Car first time – new experiences, new friends
  2. Backpacking
  3. First experience with police and thief 😛
  4. Visited Olympic stadium, Palace and walk through history, past and present
  5. One sleepless night at McDonald in Berlin – adding total to three in Europe 😛
  6. Souvenirs – Booklet of Places, Czech chocolates, and Wine, Tickets and Painting.

Souvenirs from Prague and Berlin


You can check out my Prague Foursquare List here and Berlin here showing best to do things. If you want to check out the countries I visited before then please see



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