Europe Diaries – Starting of Unforgettable Memories

In this series, I will describe my journey around Europe while pursuing my internship at Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany. After my Intern in Goa, I always wanted to experience the life outside India and mostly in a developed country. For getting this Internship, I had to mail various institutes related to my specialization – Geo-Informatics. I got this great opportunity when I was selected for the research internship in Institute of Cartography and Geo-informatics.

So now I had to arrange for my accommodation. By checking various websites and resources I came to know other few Indian students going to the same university, so we finalized the accommodation with a German landlord lady.

Now came the hard time as we had to pack our bags and also consider things that would help us if we know about them in advance. Firstly, I came to know that only 2-pin plugs can fit the power sockets in Germany so we had to buy the travel adapter. Secondly, I had to download various phone apps which would be useful there which I will describe in my new blog later. Lastly, as Hanover has shower so had to buy the umbrella too. With that basic things were all packed to leave for the airport on 10 May 2015. My flight was at 4:00 AM.

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I had to change the flight at Moscow as this was the first time for me outside India. So I felt nervous but excited 🙂 After two-hour of break my next flight was ready to take off. The strange thing which I noticed is that my both flights were of the same airline, but they offered red wine from Moscow to Hanover but not from India to Moscow.  With the great view of mountains, lakes, deserts and snow from the plane, I reached my destination, Hanover – to get Hangover in its beauty and culture.



My landlady is generous that she came to pick me up from the airport. What I saw, when came out from Airport was the Make in India poster all over the streets and tram by which I felt connected to the city. It was because the Prime Minister of India visited Hanover few days before.  Hanover is a very greenery place with less population but developed one. I was the first one among my friends to reach our new home. On that day, I left in the evening for a long walk near the house. Few things I learned about on that day is that we had to buy the one month pass by which we could pick any bus or tram to reach to any part of the city. Secondly, Germany does not have small Independent shops like in India so if we wanted to buy something we have to go to the supermarket which close on Sunday except in the railway station. Thirdly, if we have to cross the road, then firstly we have to stop the car by pressing the stop button which make the way for the pedestrian. Lastly, I came to know about how World War 2 impacted the Hanover city as shown in the video below.




My other friends also came next morning and then we became ready for our first day in the new university. Things I learned while traveling to university is that there is a lot of space in tram and bus for the disabled people in wheelchair and baby’s wheelchair. After that, I meet my research supervisor and assigned the desk to work on the Kinect V2 Map Visualization. We also came to know that there would be an international day after two days, so we all were excited to meet more foreign and Indian students there. In the evening, we brought our first-month pass and saw a little bit city center with the shopping in the supermarket for some basic needs.

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Then came International Day we enjoyed a lot there as we could taste various types of food and drinks presented by different countries, could learn about their culture by participating in the activities there and also saw various shows, dance, music, skits and all. There was also a firecracker show late at night by the students in the famous Herrenhausen Garden in Hanover.

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After this great week from the 10000 Km far from home, we had to plan our first weekend, which we chose should be nothing but Amsterdam to start our Mission Impossible target to complete as much Europe as we could as shown in pic.


Starting of Europe Diaries !!

As we got less time due to other initial activities we planned to just book the bus tickets and would see the accommodation there only.


Ticket To Amsterdam

So what happened next with us, to know about that read my next blog with the insights about how I made my each journey in Europe different from others. Till then see my full album on Facebook about how natural and beautiful Hanover is 🙂


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