Goa Trip | My journey as Intern – Last Part

In my last blog, I told you we went out in search of her house. We searched but did not find out. As we didn’t want to waste the day so we started to explore the city. Firstly we took a lift from an old man. He was very generous like everyone in Goa.  He dropped us at Mobor beach. There we walked 3 Km till the end of the beach. Then we crossed the lake near it with the help of a fisherman. Later we came across a very beautiful scenery and church and then again took a lift to reach our home. Yaa we stopped again for her but found nothing.


Next Sunday we and our roommates went for forest trekking which leads to Shree Chandreshwar Bhootnath Temple like an adventure film :D.


We came to know about google developer group (GDG) Goa, we just had to fill the form and it was organised at google developer group (GDG) Goa, we just had to fill the form and it was organised at Acacia Palms – five-star hotel, near beach and free food – we went there and then took part in Hackathon (one night programming contest) and won the second prize. We made the Web map app to show the real-time flicker photo on it related to a keyword we want to search. We met other students there and learned a lot from the whole experiences.

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After that  we went for Go karting on raining day, there I did jump across tyres as surface was slippery. That was really a unique experience for me which I will never forget.

On our last Sunday, we went to magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfall, it is the same as shown in the movie Chennai express where train was stopped near a fall, we also went there by train like in movie 😛  As we were bored from beaches in Goa and wanted to do something really exciting which includes Rail Trek to Dudhsagar Falls, as it was just the perfect thing for us. We came across beautiful scenes which I can’t express in words. At last I just want to say that it should be in bucket list of everyone.

On that night we went to our senior house for dinner and then we all including senior ma’am , her friends and interns went out for Scotty rides for 2-3 hrs near beach and full city at night  and then later we all went to a church which is very scary as you can see in the photo.

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Later on, here comes our last day, we had our farewell with company CEO and other employees, we learned a lot from their interaction.

Regarding my bro love story, we were unable to do something as it was a bad day she was on Scotty and he asked her for a lift but she denied.  😦

Overall my experience was awesome which I will cherish all my life, I came across new lifestyle, new people, new ideas and much more. I really want to go there again after my graduation.


I hope you liked my story. Thanks again for reading it.


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