Goa Trip | My journey as Intern – Part 2

In last blog, I said that we got something to enjoy in company besides work . So here is what was happened next. As my friend is so-called ‘dude’ type so he was going to ask her for a date but problem was we do not want this to affect our company as now we are also part of it :). As he want to know more about her so first of all we searched her on FB and met other people in CIBA from whom we came up with our first plan. It was that she knows Goa Local language best, so he asked her to taught her that and you will not believe she said Yes. Then eyes met, smile passed and then came a day when my bro was sitting with her in bus and talking about various thing like where she live :D. It was his plan only, he wanted to know her home address so he went from same bus from which she was used to go to home. As he was scared so he didn’t accompany her till her stop.

Keeping these things aside, I was kept on exploring various places in Goa. This time with one co-intern, I went to Palolem beach which is very famous among foreign tourists. It is crystal water and very active beach as foreign tourists. We saw dolphin, honeymoon beach 😛 and ya nude beach too but off-season  😀  😛

Then next day we went to BITS Pilani Goa college, all surrounded by greenery and beautifully structured. Then we decided to go to Goa’s Western end which is Japanese Garden in Vasco and near it – Grand mother’s Hole Beach. While coming back we saw Goa Shipyard.

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Now coming back to our job, we had to present our 1st month work. I worked hard for it as in our company we can stay at night. So we worked at night but problem was that we couldn’t go out after 10 pm as Guards left dogs, so whenever we feel boredem we notice dogs activities from terrace. We even start finding her number in telephone diaries in CIBA but no use :(.

As my first month was getting over so I got my first salary 8000 for 24 days so to enjoy our first month celebration and b’day of an employee we went to Goa’ best night club – SinQ, and did things which everyone know 😛 So not more on that.

Now, the day came when we decided to go to her city (can’t tell name :D) as we didn’t know her proper address so started searching houses by name plate with the same name 😛 All this add up to our fun list and becomes memorable for always. Want to know how ? Next time about it. Check next blog here  😛

Thanks a lot for reading my blogs !!


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