Goa Trip | My journey as Intern – Part 1

I had a wonderful experience last month as GIS Technology intern at Transerve Technologies  in Goa. When I got selected I was very happy as company was best in GIS application and moreover location happened to be Goa – a place where everyone wants to go and I would be going for 2 months and fully paid 😀 .

Here I will take you through various phases of me in Goa as wanderlust, love guru and yeah as intern too 😛

Firstly I want to share some Goa pics and a video captured during monsoon season – free of crowd, full of  greenery, easy bargains and where you can easily drench in unexpected shower.

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These all were the sights which are close to my heart; which I had never enjoyed before – wonderful coconut trees, waterlogged paddy fields and many more. During my full stay , I was able to experience various sports at beaches, trekking on cliffs and walking on rail track.

My train was ‘trivendrapuram rajdhani’ which is the fastest train  from Delhi to Goa whose route is from various caves surrounded by waterfalls and, beaches by which I got to see a lot of eye-catching scenery.

When I reached to my office, our (Me and my co-intern ) head  decided to start work on first day . We were assigned work on first day and then for party went on scooty to Panjim- capital of Goa(40 km from office ) just to eat pani puri 😀 During the journey I came across various beautiful scenes of Goa which I had never heard of  –  people were very helpful and disciplined while driving . While coming back unexpected  shower welcomed us and we were fully drenched till we reached home.

With time new interns came and we settled in our new home and company. All the people were very warm-hearted and we enjoyed a lot in their presence with weekly treats 😀

Then come the most awaited moment, my first beach visit. We went to Baga Beach It is the most popular beach among tourists. As we didn’t want to spend a single  penny and also wanted to experience sleeping on beach’s sand, we slept on sand.  As I wake up early in morning, I saw how fishermen catch fish from boats and then we did various water sports which were very thrilling for me. While coming back, we did shopping. I bought a Superman t-shirt , a batman shorts  and various presents for my family and friends.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Baga Beach

Now our real work started, I am assigned to make smartmu app which is  a combination of mobile and web map application, to improve revenue collection system, more on it will be in my technical  blog later 😛 . But thing which I want to share is my friend had a crush on an employee who works in CIBA  where our company was situated. Slowly we all are advising him to tell her and do this and that . At last we got something to enjoy in company beside work 😉

If you want to know more about what happens next in my journey then see my next  blog here 🙂 🙂

Note – All photos are from my camera. Contact me if you wish to see more .


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